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Modular Kitchen cabinet system has many advantages. It takes care of important features, like exhaust hoods and chimneys, which are normally ignored. The kitchen is made in such a way that any stains, like that of oil or turmeric, can be easily wiped off. Cleaning the modular kitchen is quite easy in comparison to the normal ones. Rajdeep Kitchens have changed the concept of kitchen in today’s world as it has provided household women with a comfortable yet a classy space in which they can invest their quality time and space.  A need of website was generated here to showcase there projects and work. there they contacted us.

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Rajdeep Kitchens

What we did

Project started with a logo design and a custom website layout, as client briefed about there services and multiple locations of there business we decided to give a comprehensive socially integrated website which can also work on mobile devices. a Facebook page was designed for client and integrated it in footer of website that shows how many likes they got on there public business page. Google for business was configured for client with multiple business locations.

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What Client Said

I chose white gold to design my first website year ago on the recommendation of a friend. I decided to upgrade to a new site recently. I stayed with white gold because in the past, they had very minimal downtime, their tech support team always found a solution to any issue I had and they offered well priced hosting and website solutions. During the upgrade process, the sales team found a great solution to suit my multiple shipping requirements. The design team then created a warm and welcoming design with minimal fuss and worked tirelessly until the perfect design had been achieved. The tech support team became integral whilst I was adding content to my website. They swiftly and confidently fixed tables, images, etc and also sent me instructions on how to fix these in future which I found very helpful. Altogether, the white gold team fulfilled their promise and my new website looks inviting and functions fabulously!   Dinesh Jain Owner Rajdeep kitchens


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