Best Tech Gadget to Gift Your Child This Diwali

Diwali is just around the corner .  With the present rate of evolving tech Gadget, parents are on the hunt for unique gifts for their tiny tots. Instead of spending huge amounts of money on toys that your benefit your children in no way, this Diwali, why not gift them something useful? Here, we present the best gadget to gift your child for this diwali: The XWATCH. It is a new standard in safety for your kids.

Safety comes first – We have taken this age old adage and have incorporated it into our innovative gadget, The XWATCH. The XWATCH ,designed by Iotex, a company which  produces high quality safety devices. In today’s world, It is not possible for a parent to keep an eye on their children at all times. This is because of work pressure, rising living costs and what not. Parents are always tensed when their child is away from arm’s reach. They cannot concentrate on much else. In these recent years, it is not advisable to let kids stay with a guardian too. This is because studies have shown that it is the child’s close acquaintances  that are responsible for most of these crimes.

Girl safetyTo add to this dilemma, crime rates are increasing at a pace which has never been witnessed before. A huge rise is also seen in sexual crimes towards minors. So, it is critical for modern-era parents to ensure the safety of their children at all costs necessary. The XWATCH by WhiteGold technologies is a solution in and of itself to all these problems.
On a basic level, The XWATCH functions as a fashionable digital watch for children. We have modified the standard wrist watch design. White Gold technologies has incorporate a host of innovative safety mechanisms. This will ensure the safety of your child. It works seamlessly using an XWATCH app. This app is available in the play store, and helps to provide real time assistance and features. It uses GPS technology along with a smartphone app to pinpoint the exact location of your child at all times. It is built to last and built to protect.

Some of the features of the XWATCH are:

  • Standard Digital Watch Functions : Time, Date, Battery Power and GSM Signal Strength Display

  • SOS / Panic Alarm : It can send SOS / Panic alarm with a single button press to mobile application

  • Manage Multiple Watches : A single authorized smart phone can track more than one XWATCH

  • Two-Way Voice Communications : Ability to make two-way voice calls to preset phone numbers

  • Land-Marking : Ability to designate landmarks to alert XWATCH device presence at landmark locations

  • Alerts : It can receive alerts and notifications of all preset alarm conditions on the authorized smart phone

  • Real-Time Live Tracking : Ability to track XWATCH real-time from authorized smart phones

  • Spy Mode : Ability to receive calls automatically on xwatch on SOS alarm

Why is the XWATCH so good?

The XWATCH uses materials which are comfortable for children to wear. It does not cause irritation to the skin. It contains an innovative method called Geo-fencing. This feature allows the parent to set virtual boundaries on geographical locations.  They will receive notifications on their phones if these boundaries are breached. The XWATCH represents next-gen cutting edge technology in safety. It helps parents to better secure their children and to bring down crime rates. It is also a fashionable and stylish wrist watch for kids, which will make it a delight to wear. Great care is taken while manufacturing to ensure that the device emits no harmful radiations.

The XWATCH represents next-gen cutting edge technology in safety. The device helps parents to better secure their children and to bring down crime rates. It is also a fashionable and stylish wrist watch for kids, which will make it a delight to wear. This Diwali, let us make a commitment to protect our tiny tots at all costs. It is imperative to say that safety has no costs, but that does not mean that the XWATCH has a high price tag. It is highly affordable with only a price of INR 3599. Customers can buy the device online at the wgtechsoft website. Any way you look at it, the XWATCH is the best gadget to gift your child, in terms of safety or in terms of a good gift. Make this Diwali count, and get your kids an XWATCH, brought to you by White Gold technologies.

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