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A great brand is vital to any business. Your brand must do more than capture attention, it needs to connect with your audience and bring your business to life with Business Branding. A strong brand will give your business the ability to stand out from the crowd, particularly in the ever expanding online market where staying ahead of your competitors has never been more important.

Businesses often rush into creating their branding without looking at the bigger picture… How do I want my business to be perceived? Does my branding reflect the core business values? Where do I see the business in five or ten years time? Time is normally of the essence and as time is money mistakes can through hasty decisions. The following is food for thought designed to save you time and money…

Do your homework

Make sure you choose the right designer with the ability to bring your business aspirations to life. Take your time and have a look at different web design companies, their work will vary significantly and its important you choose a designer that you like.

Discuss your options, what looks good to you may not look good to others, so getting the opinions of others is a wise move before choosing your web design company. Have a browse through an agency’s portfolio, anyone worth their salt will be keen to showcase their talents.

Manage your money

Be realistic about your budget, great design does not have to cost the earth but you will almost always find you get what you pay for and saving a few rupees in the short term may cost you much more further down the line.

If your budget is tight, look at your options, you might want to phase the project over a number of months to allow you to afford your chosen agency without the threat of large upfront costs. Look for an agency who is willing to work with you and your budget and help you plan your marketing successfully.

Check out the competition

Chances are, some of your competitors are getting it right, have a look at who is successful and try and pinpoint what is working for them and how you can emulate this within your own business.

It is important that your branding fits into your industry and works with your ethos and products or services but it is also important, to find a balance and make sure that you stand out in the crowd. A good webdesign company will inherently understand this balance and ensure you make the right impression.

Give it time

If your chosen agency isn’t busy with other clients, alarm bells should be ringing. Good designers are hard to find and will be in demand so be patient. The design process involves a lengthy stretch of research, design, revision and refinement before anything is even put in front of you. Getting it right is definitely worth waiting for as you are building a brand that should see you and your business well into the future, don’t rush your decision.

Get Involved

We don’t expect you to start sketching out ideas or trawling through font libraries, but building a close working relationship with your designer is so important. No one knows your business better or has more passion for it than you do, working with your designer to ensure that your brand is reflective of your business goals and ambitions will add huge value to your finished product and leave you with a brand that will see you through the years to come whilst you concentrate on making the business a real success.


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