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Professional Website Design v/s cheap websites

Much like fashion, Website design trends change rapidly. When it comes to building a Professional Website design for your business that will make a professional impression, you will always want to look your best keep everything up to date and on trend. After all, Your Professional business website is a big factor in your business.

The Internet is a very valuable and significant method of advertising When looking to start a business online or beginning an online marketing campaign, you should not look to develop a “cheap” website. The competition is strong and amateur websites are overlooked by consumers and potential buyers who search for a professional, reliable company.

Make the most of your website!

A professional website will give the impression that your company is top-of-the-line, You may have a small location, or even work at home but online you can present your company to be a very professional company with a professional website. Use this marketing opportunity to your advantage and make the most of your website!

How website should be designed to attract customers!

First of all, let’s face it: a Website is the core of your online marketing activities. If you look at all the marketing channels and techniques, what they actually do is bring visitors to your website. And the main purpose of a website is turning these visitors into customers – in marketing terms, this is called CONVERSION. A bad website will basically cause you to waste money on other marketing methods. Because you don’t need more VISITORS if can’t turn them into CUSTOMERS.

So the better your website is, the more visitors are CONVERTED into your customers…and it doesn’t really matter whether you sell consumer products online, provide local services or build houses.

Many people in the industry call themselves web designers, but they really are just a bunch of geeks with some basic coding knowledge. Of course, without much planning, they will pretty quickly create a website for you – with lots of information, photos, contacts… But the question is: “Is that the way to turn the visitors into your customers? …Is that what you need?” And the answer is simple: “NO!”

What you have to do is to look for someone SERIOUS about web design.

Well, that’s where we come in!

This is how WE make websites – by following this 7-phase web design process:


The first step is always about information gathering – identifying things like the website purpose, goals and target audience


A plan includes a definition of the site map, structure, and technologies that we’re about to use. This stage is arguably the most important since its sets the course for the entire project. In this phase, we conduct the initial meeting with the client where we identify & discuss key factors for the project’s success. These key factors include the client’s brand principles, user identification, internet marketing strategy, design brief, keyword research, competitor analysis, positioning strategy and study the user base.

Phase 3: DESIGN

Not only we focus on wireframe models and the visual style in this stage, but also on the usability of the user interface for the best possible user experience. This stage develops the graphic design of the known content and architecture while applying the look-and-feel of your business visual identity. these visual concepts take the form of digital graphics and are not yet actual web code. There are usually two designs to view — one for the home page and one for the secondary (non-home) pages. These visual concepts will be modified with you until we reach an approved visual design. In fact, we are unique in that we will design until you’re happy.

Phase 4: CONTENT

A very important part of the process is choosing the right texts, photos or videos – all optimized not only for your visitors but also for search engines. 


The development phase is where most of the programming takes place. This involves the building and development of functional elements. The process includes CMS setup, site production, database setup, user experience design, content mapping, testing, and implementation. Special features are developed and tested rigorously to ensure durability, functionality, and security of the web/mobile application. The content is filled in the application and links are tested and verified.

Phase 6: TESTING

We test all the technical features, like code and scripts, compatibility with major browsers, but also we ask ourselves if the website really fulfills its purpose.


After we launch the site, our job is definitely not done yet! We always monitor what’s happening after the start, enabling us to fix any possible deficiencies. And if you want, we can also manage the future maintenance and updates for you.

your website relies on good web design as a foundation to keep it alive and functioning properly. This foundation helps establish your website on the Internet, it delivers visitors to the pages where they want to go, and ultimately it is the way your website will achieve overall success through increased sales, visibility and growth.

If you want to attract more customers to your website, you’ll need professional website design to do so.

Professional Website Design with Great User Experiences


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