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Protect your child

Approximately 60% of boys and 80% of girls who are sexually victimized are abused by someone known to the child or the child’s family. This means that this person who preys on children is usually already a part of the child’s life. Protect your child Think coaches, teachers, babysitters, and other persons in positions of authority over the child are more likely than strangers to commit sexual crimes against children.
I know it is scary… no TERRIFYING… to think about; that the person you are trusting your child with could be a potential predator. But, this is your opportunity to educate yourself about the practice of predators so that you can recognize their tactics and better protect your own children.
The following are steps you can take to safeguard your child:

1. Never, ever get into anyone’s car, unless parents have given permission. This includes people you may know — such as an aunt, uncle, friend, teacher, coach, etc. The reason for this is simple: the majority of children who are abused or abducted are done so by a family member or an acquaintance.

Pay attention to cars that may be following you. Don’t ever approach a stranger’s car, even if they say they need directions or assistance. Let your child know that adults should ask adults for directions or for help.

2. Immediately get away from a person who tries to take you somewhere. Run away and/or scream and tell to direct attention to the situation. Use the phrase, “This person is not my father (or mother)” or “This person is a stranger and is trying to kidnap me!” When you escape, run toward a group of people and tell them what has happened.

3. Use the buddy system. This means always going places with a friend or sibling. Going places alone can be very dangerous. While the buddy system is a must, they should also be instructed to ask for permission to leave. As a parent, you should always know where your child is going and how to get a hold of them.

4. Never go into anyone’s home unless you get permission. Demand that your child always tell you if they plan to go into someone’s home — this includes neighbors, relatives, and their friends. Get to know your child’s friend’s parents and neighbors, and listen to your gut when it tells you their home should be avoided.

5. Beware when a person tells you to keep a “special secret.” Explain to your child that when an adult, teenager, or other child requests that they keep a secret, it is strange behavior. Create a relationship with your child in which he or she is willing to share their thoughts and experiences. Let them know that no matter what they tell you, you will always love and support them. Inspire them to tell you when someone makes them feel uncomfortable or strange.

6. Nobody should ever touch you in areas covered by a bathing suit. An excellent way to explain areas of the body that are off-limits to adults, teens, and other children is to use areas covered by a bathing suit as the boundary. Clearly communicate to them what is acceptable and what isn’t, and once again reveal to them how important it is for them to share when something strange occurs.

7. It is perfectly alright to say “no” to adults. It is quite common for children to root themselves in the idea that adults have the ultimate power in most any situation.Teach your child to stand up to behavior that makes them feel uncomfortable. Reveal the difference between being disrespectful and having self-respect.

The key to your child’s success in a dangerous situation is education and practice. Van Zandt suggests that you even practice having your child yell. Predators usually gravitate toward the helpless. The stronger and more assertive your child, the less chance they will be a victim.

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