“khatu shyam ji temple is one of the most visiting religious places in Sikar district of Rajasthan. It was established in the year 1777 devoted to Khatu shyam baba who was a manifestation of  Barbarika, grandson of Bhim from Mahabharata. Lord Krishna granted him the boon to be worshiped by the name of Shyam in his form in kalyug on his great sacrifice of donating his head, he has become so famous among all his devotees all over the world. For all his devotees who want to visit the temple and get the information about it,  religious website becomes the best source for all. We are honored as the creators of  this religious website design and development. “

Khatu shyam temple website developer

When you click on www.shrishyammandirkhatushyamji.com then a colorful, fascinating site containing the beautiful images of shri khatushyam ji appears in front of your eyes. We  at ‘White gold technologies’ develop this website with our heartily devotion to shyam baba. We feel so lucky that we are chosen for this religious and holy creation. The glory of God needs no identification but the world has become materialistic, people have not time enough to spend for searching the information here and there. We give the solution to these types of your problems. There is no need to worry about and go to and fro for this. Your search comes to an end here. We tried our best to provide the complete information about khatushyam baba for all his devoters. We provide our devotional service to expand the glory of khatu shyam baba all over the world.

Khatu shyam temple website design

Give design to any site is not a juggler’s magic. It needs creativity and passion to design beautifully. The first look of khatu shyamji website designed with a view of lord khatu shyamji. We use the latest tools and technologies to design the site artistically which gives the religious as well as the professional look. The site of khatu shyam ji has a number of features and it is so easy to operate with its unique style. We give the following features of the site:


  • Home page
  • About temple
  • Temple committee
  • Photo gallery
  • Facilities
  • Daily programmes
  • Contact sources

Here you find the abstract of the life of Shri Khatu shyamji, about the dwelling arrangements for visitors. Live arti, so many visiting places of the temple and daily updates of it’s activities. We design the website in such a way that contains the whole devotional story of baba khatushyam, his greatness, life- sketch and all the religious ceremonies of templeand it’s time table.


Temple websites

India is a country of culture, civilization and devotion and known for its unity in  diversity. Here we found different types of people who have faith in diversity of religion. Their specific devotion to a particular religion made them go online to get the information about that. In this digital world of internet, website becomes a source of information.  This is the reason that every religious place needs a website to make its presence in this digital world. But it may not be possible that any website can quench the thirst of all your queries. To get all your answers at one specific place, you need a specific web design. We help you in making decisions about your religious searches. We craft the religious websites design in the same way as you want. You can take advantage from our fully custom web design services. We are always at your disposal to develop religious web design and enhancing their presence across the world. We offer dynamic website design in India for all the religious organizations including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Sikhism etc.

Top temple websites

If you are looking for the best website designer for your religious site and thinking what website style is best for your business then we give you the idea of selecting the top ranking web design for your project. What you have to do only contact White gold technologies and we provide you the platform by designing the best for you. We are specialized and experienced in building up the religious site as we have done a lot in this perspective. We are heartily dedicated to spreading the world of almighty through this advanced technology by making the temple sites pretty impressive. Let’s have a glance on the dynamic features we provide for religious sites:

  • Best quality designs
  • Best quality features to scale your website
  • Budget friendly starter prices
  • User friendly
  • Effective quality and experienced service
  • Encouraging help and support

We are always with you to provide the data honestly and assure you about the information published by us is completely reliable and accurate.

Why choose us?

White gold technologies is a professional as well as a religious and spiritual web design company where you get the top services for religious website design also. We have the solutions for all website designs which you are looking for. If you are really serious about starting up the religious site and want a successful outcome then we are always here to satisfy your demands. Our devotional sites include several groundbreaking features such as:

  • Highly modular
  • Highly web application performance
  • Harden security
  • Highly customizable
  • Highly scalable

We perfectly understood that your success is our mission and to achieve this mission, we work with our experienced designs closely for you as per our planning, perfect timing and desired aim.

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Get started by hiring us for your web project with our expert team of web designers. We know perfectly how to make the presence of you web unique in comparison of others. We provide you the service that is highly profitable, so easy to sign up, so easy to discuss with, so quick, efficient, affordable for all small to large business scales. We will create an amazing website for you with our professionals, designers and developers on very affordable price. Get in touch with to learn more about our web services by calling us or sending an e-mail.

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