SMS Marketing is the fastest, cheapest, easiest and most effective way of communicating directly with your customers to increase purchase frequency, top of mind dominance, loyalty and referrals.

SMS Marketing is highly effective

SMS MarketingSMS (short message service) is highly effective communication platform when it comes to mobile phone marketing. More than 95% of the messages are opened and read instantly at the time of delivery. This makes it a great affordable marketing tool for services that need quick customer engagement. SMS Marketing helps you get your message across and convert your lead into, sale. Much like email marketing, Bulk SMS marketing has become a highly effective marketing tool on the worldwide spread of mobile phones. As a part of the mobile marketing industry, SMS marketing has become increasingly popular and effective with more and more advertisement based SMS being sent each minute. Any business can send bulk text messages to a large number of people from its database of phone contacts.

SMS Marketing is extremely affordable

SMS Marketing is extremely affordable and offers one of the best return on investments. It directly impacts your profit margin or indirectly earns you money by deepening your customers’ interest in your business. It also boosts loyalty of your customers to your company and product. Customer loyalty is the single most important driver of growth and profitability’ and yet according to the Indian Chamber of Commerce: ‘73% of customers leave [businesses] because of perceived indifference to them’ SMS Marketing enable the user to have one-to-one and one-to-many communication options to promote and share the business information. Today, marketers are considering the text messaging as a greater deal when it comes to quicker and smarter communication with the target audience.

Researchers say that SMS marketing is an extremely helpful tool for big or small businesses. It can serve a few purposes –

  • Reach people near-instantly, wherever they’re at
  • Send SMS to specific individuals or entire lists
  • Save time & money, compared with phone calls
  • Schedule SMS to automatically send at a specified time
  • Send urgent alerts with just the click of a button
  • Easily reach people all over the world

If you run a business, we can help you out we believe we have great technology and have built a great marketing tool. We also have a depth of SMS and retention marketing knowledge which allows us to find the correct solution for you and to suggest ways the SMS can complement your marketing plans.

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