Viral diseases have continued to emerge and they represent a serious issue to public health nowadays. From time to time in last twenty years several viral epidemics have occurred. In the timeline that reaches the present day COVID-19, an acronym of “Corona Virus Disease-19” has become not only an epidemic but a pandemic. This new virus is contagious and has quickly spread globally proving a risk to public health. Preventive strategies are focused on LOCKDOWN, ISOLATION OF PATIENTS and CAREFUL INFECTION CONTROL.

Although the Lockdown saves lives from COVID-19, it hurts businesses especially local businesses. India’s Lockdown on all essential and non essential business is proving tough for everyone. Life has been brought to a grinding halt. It has become challenging for most businesses to keep their financial wheels turning during this lockdown. The effect on small and local business is proving more brutal as they have less cash reserves and smaller margin. So during such testing times entrepreneurs will have to adapt new strategies making them more relevant.

Inspite of the lockdown life cannot stop, it continues and has to continue. As long as one is alive his or her basic needs are to be fulfilled. People are panicking and struggling to gather essentials in this lockdown.

Behind the BORDERLINE of their house, they are dependent on e-commerce to home deliver the products they require. E-Commerce can meet the requirement of the consumers in a safe and secure way over a prolonged period. These companies help in supporting social distancing by delivering products at doorsteps. A fully functional e-commerce delivery chain is the best means of social distancing and ensuring a restricted congregation of population.

E-commerce can help in generating demand and revenue for lakhs of small businesses, distribution and support the livelihood of several people. Such various e-commerce platforms can facilitate the local business for delivery of goods, providing a critical lifeline in this lockdown.

For this even the different brands and companies should add value to consumers’ lives. They should rethink their marketing strategy to make them more relevant. Being mindful is the requirement of the hour. An added feature to their product or service will help people stay at home and feel safe. This will shape up consumer perception. Customers will welcome anything that brings relief and convenience to them in this lockdown.

The needs of both the sellers and the buyers can be met together in this lockdown with the help of an E-COMMERCE ENABLED WEBSITE. If local businesses want to be successful they need to have a professional website.

Website provides a ubiquitous access to online resources. It helps to reach out to citizens stranded outside the district and state after the nationwide lockdown to tackle COVID-19.

An e-commerce enabled website integrates the latest online closing and upsell techniques available which increase the possibility that a consumer will purchase. It positions any brand or company as a dependable, trustworthy and experienced service provider in the market.

Also, it helps the businessmen and sellers to keep their company up and running. Improving sales is the best way to improve the health and success of any business. The most successful websites are carefully optimized to achieve high percentage of purchases.

Website marks online presence for 24 x 7 i.e. customers are always able to find the sellers anywhere and anytime. Even apart from the business hours, website continues to find and secure new customers. The best part is, one doesn’t have to be physically there to reap the benefits of the sales. Your website serves as your own digital sales person.

A quick and easy way of communicating information in between buyers and sellers is provided by a website. One can list the opening hours, contact information and show images of the products. Even promotional videos can be uploaded. This helps the customers to get the required information and convinces them the benefits of the products and services of business.

Building CREDIBILITY is very important for any business to flourish. A website allows consumers to see what a brand is about. In addition to showcasing one’s product and services, a seller can also tell the consumers about the company and its mission. By doing this, a bond of trust is built with the consumer. This trust is important for a long lasting relation. When the website is updated with valuable and educational content, a strong relationship is built between the businessmen and consumer. A website also serves a means to set one’s business apart from the rest through customized content. This keeps him ahead in race of competition.

Online payments are surging in ongoing COVID -19 caused lockdowns. These payments let the customers pay for the goods and services through a website. They are faster and save maximum efforts for the customer. One need not to spend time on road and stand in a queue. As online payments are automatic they have lower labour costs than normal payment method such as cheque, draft, cash etc. These payments quickly provide feedback to the seller and the buyer. Such payments go straight in the bank account having a lower risk of theft. It also helps in reducing the significant amount of paper invoices to be printed and used. Online payment is perceived by the consumers as most comfortable and secure way of payment. However, online payments can be done through various systems such as PAYU BHIM UPI, PHONEPE, GOOGLE PAY, PAYTM, NET BANKING, E-WALLETS etc.

An e-commerce website provides an access to DOORSTEP DELIVERY. As COVID-19 has created awareness of self isolation, contact less home deliveries has sky- rocketed. Doorstep delivery involves collecting goods from one location i.e. the seller and delivering them to another location i.e. the buyer. It saves the buyer’s valuable time. Also it eliminates the legwork associated in scheduling pickups and deliveries on his or her own. In this process customer’s effort is saved, as a lot of his time was being wasted in movement through various modes of transportation.

Lockdown, Quarantine and Self Isolation are causing several psychological problems such as anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia etc. in many people. Physically going to a psychiatrist is not possible every time. A website provides online consultation and counselling to a patient by a proper psychiatrist. This saves time, effort and lowers the risk of getting infected by COVID-19 for an individual. Even doorstep delivery of essential medicines can be made available through a website.

In this phase of Lock Down and Self-Isolation your website is customers’ first impression of your brand. Even if it is a small local business, customers research your business online before they go for purchases and services. Therefore it is important in this lockdown for your business to be found on web, with a good website and open mind. That’s why it’s vital to have a professional e-commerce enabled website to meet the needs and demands of the consumers and help one to earn his livelihood.

Give your business a professional website that fits your business.

Updating your existing website design or looking for a clean start? Considering eCommerce to grow your business? Logo and graphic design for brand identity? Whichever it is, we can help. Contact us!

Author: Tarawati Sharma


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